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Seve Mangrum





Alleviate stress, increase vitality, strengthen your body, and create inner peace through functional movement, recovery, and optimization.


The Three Power Pillars

The “3 Power Pillars” were developed over many years of diving deeply into understanding what makes the human experience one filled with vitality, awareness, strength and love. To attain true sustainable health and actualize ones full potential, it must be approached from a 360 degree holistic viewpoint. These pillars are the foundation, blueprint and curriculum used to evoke, evolve and transform not just my own life, but the many individuals I have head the pleasure to work with.


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I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have before. My stress levels have gone down, boxing has been a great outlet and I have learned quite a bit about nutrition and stress relief as well. Plus I am so impressed with everything about Seve – his energy is so positive and infectious in the best possible way
— Laurie Goldberg
Seve is a holistic coach who looks at your health and fitness from more than just a physical perspective. He coaches you in all elements of wellness. I can lift heavier weights, squat deeper and plank longer than when I started one year ago.
— Jackie Myers


About Me


I am a holistic nutrition and behavioral coach with an emphasis on physical fitness and mind-body connection. I am the founder of Evoki Fitness & Health, a company that focuses on human performance and optimization. As a Core-Tex master trainer and advanced Precision Nutrition coach I have worked with some of the worlds elite fitness pioneers, celebrities and executives and some of today’s tech geniuses. I have been featured in USA Today Sports on the power of mobility and movement when it comes to alleviating pain and increasing overall wellness and performance for today’s progressive fitness enthusiasts