Join the Men’s Program

I am a holistic nutrition and behavioral coach with an emphasis on physical fitness and mind-body connection. I am the founder of Evoki Fitness & Health, a company that focuses on human performance and optimization. As a Core-Tex master trainer and advanced Precision Nutrition coach I have worked with some of the worlds elite fitness pioneers, celebrities and executives and some of today’s tech geniuses. I have been featured in USA Today Sports on the power of mobility and movement when it comes to alleviating pain and increasing overall wellness and performance for today’s progressive fitness enthusiasts


Who is this program for?

  • Men looking for a more holistic approach to their fitness and health

  • Men that are overly stressed, dealing with acute or chronic pain and desire more variety, functionality and diversity in exercise and movement practice

  • Men that don’t want to spend an immense amount of money and time in the gym or with a personal trainer

  • Men who want the most out of life and ready, willing and able to commit to that cause

  • Men who have tried other programs but got bored or found it wasn’t in line with their needs

  • Men who know they desire a better lifestyle, but must first invest in the knowledge, network, and accountability to get them there.

Who is this program NOT for?

  • Men who are on the fence about investing in themselves

  • Men who don’t want to do the work and just expect results

  • Men who don’t have atleast 5-7 hours a week to put time into themselves

What you get in the program…

  • Weekly workouts

  • Weekly Active Recovery Protocols

  • Guidelines for Food & Energy logging

  • Weekly Goal Setting & Mid-week Check-Ins

  • Weekly Optimization Tactis

  • The support of Pain to Power Community

  • Email and message chat support

What benefits to expect…

  • Increased body awareness and strength

  • Movements that help ease physical and mental stress

  • Knowledge on nutrition and supplementation based upon your needs

  • Increased mindfulness practices to create more peace, ease and overall awareness

  • A supportive community of like-minded individuals driven to improve themselves